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Nature is any place where I feel I have escaped from the insanity of human society. It offers me peace, excitement and wonder. Nature is walks in the woods, but not walks in the woods where there are a hundred people walking and they have there little kids with them and the kids are complaining and there are candy-wrappers on the ground and people yelling at each other. Nature is looking at a city at night, even walking and biking through the city at night and stopping to listen to the people playing music on the corner. But if the walk is on the way to a restaurant to meet my friends and then run to a movie showing at 9:45, that walk is no longer in nature. Nature is hiking up a mountain and getting to the top and looking back the way I came and even being able to see the path I followed because it went along a river and the trees are greener along that route. But if at the top of the mountain I look out at the other mountains and one of them has the bare stripes so distinctive of ski-slopes I sort of shield my eyes and look the other way because it no longer feels 100% like nature anymore and I hope that maybe if I don't see the scars they will go away.
I am very secretive and possessive about my connection to nature. If too many people know about this way of escaping from society, they will come in and fill the places which were once left alone. It might sound here like I think people are all bad and that is not true. There is nothing wrong with people on an individual level. But in society there is a constant push of people trying to take advantage of you and control you. This is the aspect of society that I am escaping from when I look for nature. This is why a walk path, a city and a ski-mountain can be parts of nature, but only until they start making demands on me to treat them as a part of society. Once society reappears with its constraints, the nature is gone.
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