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Defending our Oceans


I found the website of a Greenpeace coalition called Ocean Defenders, dedicated to addressing some of the major issues surrounding the relationship between Man and the Ocean. Part of this initiative involves a TV show called Ocean Defenders TV, a series of documentaries narrated by Greenpeace activists. Some of the issues discussed in the documentaries include the benefits of marine reserves, whaling, and the impact of some commercial fishing techniques, such as deep sea bottom trolling.

The TV show effectively captures the beauty and diversity of life in the oceans, by showing stunning footage of schools of colorful fish swimming in a dark blue sea, and bright coral reefs moving in harmony with the current. However, these images are a strong contrast to the drastic captions of whales getting harpooned by whalers and stingrays getting run over by trolling nets. I think this sharp contrast helps to enhance the show’s persuasive power, convincing viewers that activities such as whaling and trolling are destroying our beautiful underwater ecosystems.

Ocean Defenders TV offers another valuable perspective by presenting the views of local inhabitants on global oceanic concerns. For example, one documentary interviews a Spanish fisherman who talks about a local marine reserve that has helped restore fish populations along the Spanish coast. Nonetheless, the show doesn’t forget about the global nature of many of these issues; for example, it follows the 58th Annual International Whaling Convention.

I think the show achieves a healthy balance between showing the splendor of oceans and tackling the issues at hand. However, I don’t believe it gives the viewers a full picture of the topics discussed, as the show doesn’t give the opposing side (commercial fishermen, whaling countries) a chance to explain their actions.
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